Discoveries: September 2018 (2)

This is a New weekend and we have a lot of new music and artists to introduce to you. Indeed, This week of September 24th, you’ll be discovering music that you’ll put on replay.
Plug in your headphones or speaker as you are spoiled for choice.


Stella Talpo returns with a totally captivating new single entitled "Leave". Indeed, the track is a beautiful musical fusion of contemporary RnB and Jazz texture. Stella delivers a staggering vocal performance, which gives shivers downright. It should be noted that the young singer of Italian origin, knows how to hypnotize an audience through the sound of her voice. She is definitely an artist to watch very closely because of her unique vocal signature and vibrant tone of voice. it's only a matter of time for this singer currently based in London, to be spotted by the Major labels. Without further ado, enjoy "Leave" below.


“Please Excuse Me “ - It’s with such politeness that Nicopop's new music track "Start Again" begins. First of all, the atmosphere inside the composition carries on a fabulous musical journey. Moreover, with little effort, but a lot of charisma, the vocalist appearing on the track, Tyler Mann, delivers a colorful performance.

Indeed, with a musical style varying between pop and electronics, Nicopop imposes a Hybrid sound signature, which focuses on a stimulating and dancing perspective. Through his single "Start Again", we notice that he is part of this wave of producers inspired by the chainsmokers. However, there is a certain uniqueness in the way Nicopop arranges the different instruments.

Dixon Brothers x Gypzee - Feel Me

The Dixon Brothers invite singer Gypzee on one of their exotic musical tracks titled "Feel Me". Indeed, the track is an amalgamation of pop music with Afro rhythms and an atmosphere filled with electronic tunes. The musical composition is perfect for a dance party, given the energy, and the wave of rhythms generated within the production. In addition, the musical texture is roughly similar to Major Lazer's work. In other words, it's a track you'll enjoy.

Brittany Bloom - You

Brittany Bloom plunges us into an exotic musical waltz merging a trend of pop music at a rather dancehall beat. The track in question titled "You" is a story about the need to have a special person in our life, which makes us feel complete. Indeed, Brittany puts forward, in this musical composition, her experience of love life. And we can very well feel the emotion through the vocal performance of the South Carolina young singer.

Moreover, it should be noted that at a very young age, Brittany was influenced by music as she started in a Church’s choir. She was influenced by her aunt Pie who had the honor of working with Niles Rodgers and the band Chic. At that point, Bloom immediately realized that music was more than a hobby. Thus she is launched with a first single "My Heart Belongs 2 U", which is followed with the present title "You", streamable below.

Sure Sure - Lie Lie Lie

They are four and they have a really unique musical style that they propose through their single "Lie Lie Lie". This is the Indie Pop music group, Sure Sure, which offers us a truly original track, bringing into harmony several catchy melodies. Indeed, "Lie Lie Lie" is a musical composition characterized by a warm atmosphere, softening melodies and a particularly authentic musical air. On the other hand, the lyrical side of the song portrays tendencies with bad habits, such as lies. We know that if we could read the thoughts of those around us, we will discover pesky secrets. In fact, as much as we are, we all have secrets that we want to keep buried. And it is this reality that speaks the song "Lie Lie Lie" that you can listen below.