UPSAHL Latest Single "The Other Team" Is A Real Delight.


UPSAHL certainly has a pop star charisma, and with her latest single called "The other Team", she shows she is on the right path to musical fame.

Indeed, the track "The Other Team" as such is a wonderful fusion of alternative pop with a funky twist, sprinkled with rhythmic tones. In the musical blend, UPSAHL’s rich and sparkling vocals will immerse you in a colorful atmosphere. Moreover, Through her melodically arranged lyrics and rhymes, UPSAHL portrays an amorous experience of her life that she sings in an eloquent and engaging tone. It's actually an experience we've probably all been subject to.

“I wrote ‘The Other Team’ on the last day of a month-long writing trip,” She explains. “A few minutes into the session, the concept just sort of came to me, ‘Everyone can relate to being into someone that they know they can’t have’.”