Kate Lomas Shares Her Version Of Happiness In Stunning Indie Pop Song “Happy Like This”

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Lyrics (Hook)

“Cause we are happy like this
Never gonna look back
We are happy like this
I want you to know that”

'Cause We Are Happy Like This, Never Gonna Look back' is the catchy hook from Kate Lomas’s latest single « Happy Like This ». Indeed, the track is a glamorous indie Pop blend filled with pulsating pads, sparkling synths and driving bass lines. Produced by Kate Herself and her long collaborator Guy Britton, the song presents a self-realization of Little Happy moments happening in everyday life. Indeed, it is the perfect summer song for teenagers since it portrays well the juvenescence lifestyle — it encourages you to embrace your imperfections and keep moving forward — For instance, Kate explains: 

“Happy Like This is all about realizing you’re happy with who and where you are” — She continues by adding: “It’s the constant battle you have with yourself when you’re striving to achieve something and you feel like you should always be one step further ahead to be happy. This song is about embracing the moment and placing your value in the ‘here and now’.”

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