Bobby Love Teamed up With Amazing Singer Olive B, To Offer A Tremendous Single "Why"


A breeze of warm and fresh air enveloping your skin, is the type of feeling you get when you listen to the single “Why” released on April 19th, by the collaboration between remarkable producer Bobby Love and amazing performer Olive B. Indeed, the composition takes you on a wonderful ballad in a colorful ambiance, from the rhythmical percussion to Olive’s melodic and glamorous vocals. The track has a certain feeling blending electronic and soul, and the production is polished and definitely catchy.

Moreover, when Bobby Love and Olive B, collaborates, there’s always a synergy. And you can notice that in their previous work “New Love” as well.

"I've always loved the lyrics and performance of Olive B's voice on that verse in particular, so I decided to build a new song entirely around them. There's a certain emotion in what she's trying to say that I felt needed to be brought to life. I played the guitar chords around that idea and the rest of the song sort of fell into place. I've recently been obsessed with trying to capture an organic sound while still being electronic and familiar with my previous releases. I feel this song really captures that" - says Bobby Love

Stream “Why” Below.