Discoveries: September 2018 (1)

Uranium Waves - Discoveries Of the Week.

This week of September 3rd, we offer you a wave of different talents in several musical fields such as pop, chill waves, alternative music etc.
Plug in your headphones or speaker as you are spoiled for choice.


Abby Wolfe - Win You Over

After the single "Lonely in company" which has exceeded 300k on spotify, Abby Wolfe comes back with a third single even more staggering entitled "Win You Over". With her deep voice that capsizes hearts, the young singer from New Zealand delivers a performance unquestionably irreproachable. In addition, the musical composition as such, harmonizes catchy sounds that enhance the flavor of the track. Indeed, from the first minutes of the song, we get immersed in a pampering vibe. Have a listen Here and enjoy


Luc - One That I Want.

Luc offers us a beautiful musical composition fusing a pop atmosphere and a hint of folk music. With his deep vocal performance and catchy guitar melodies, the young Luc immerses us in a fascinating sound adventure, expressing a personal experience. Indeed, according to Luke, the importance of belonging to a certain group is problematic because one does not often choose the person with whom one falls in love. We just fall in love. That's what he means by this captivating chorus: "I know you're uncool, but oh, you're the one that I want."




Tanners - What You've Been Waiting For.

It's quite rare to see artists mixing different styles of music together. However it is the case of the Young Tanners which offers us a bewildering production incorporating psychedelic music to a mood of indie pop. The track entitled "What You've Been Waiting For", plunges into a wave of emotions and relaxation. Take the time to savor the song as you will enjoy it.









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