Discoveries: October 2018

October was a month filled with beautiful surprises on the music plan. We’ve had the chance to discover new music and artists that we are proud to share with you.

Natalie Holmes - Vessels

Natalie Holmes' sweet voice will make your heart capsize, not only because of its perfect tone but also because of its uniqueness. Indeed, the track on which she performs entitled "vessels" is our best discovery of the day because such songs are rare in the music market. the lyrical technique is of a majestic level and the melodies associated with the rhymes are pure marvels. It is definitely this kind of music that is listened to by listeners of all ages. Moreover, the track as such reminds me of "Hello" singer Adele, but better. What do you think?

Jenifer Denali - Painkiller

Jenifer Denali returns with a captivating single entitled "Painkiller". Indeed, the track in question is a beautiful composition of contemporary Rnb with a nice rhythm of the hip hop type. The vocal performance of the young native of New York will immerse you in a colorful atmosphere, especially with her chorus at once simple and catchy.

Steve Benjamins - Circles

Steve Benjamins unveils a pampering track called "Circles" that will plunge you into a wonderful musical journey. Indeed, the track has everything you need to love life a little bit more, not only because of the softness of the drums but also because of the relaxing and catchy melodies. In addition, the mellow vocal performance of Steve, perfectly matching the instrumental makes you want to sing along with him.

You can stream to the track below

Craig Cardiff - To Be Safe, Loved, & Home

It's time to put on your headphones or connect your speakers to better enjoy Canadian artist Craig Cardiff’s new single entitled “To Be Safe, Loved, & Home”, not only because you’ll feel nostalgia for the beautiful time of your childhood but also you will have a big smile drawn on the face. It’s truly a tremendous chance to be entitled to this masterpiece offered by Ontario artist Craig Cardiff, especially because through his warm voice, he encourages us to better appreciate every moment we spend with those we love.


PIERCE's "Tyrant" track, in collaboration with MAGMAG and OMNI, is the kind of track you need to listen to when you feel down and unmotivated. In fact, the track is even perfect for training, not only because it gives off charisma and energy but also because throughout the three minutes and forty-nine seconds it lasts, you won’t stop move in all directions. It should be noted that through this masterpiece, PIERCE demonstrates that he has an incredible potential and should not be underestimated.