Young Rapper ARIA embarks on a Bouncy And Charismatic Vibe With His Latest Single "Bleu Chanel"

ARIA Bleu Channel

More and more Rap music is composed with the support of catchy flute melodies. Recently we were treated to Russ's track "The Flute Song" that caught the attention of many people. However, be aware that long before "The Flute Song", there was "Bleu Chanel" which is a piece of rap totally fascinating, orchestrated by a talented artist still unknown to the general public, whose name is ARIA.

Indeed, based on a bouncy rhythm and a festive musical character, "Bleu Chanel" has all the characteristics to identify itself as a party anthem. This is almost the kind of track that could satisfy the nightclub subscribers.

In addition, with a charismatic flow, the young ARIA delivers emblematic rap verses, which has earned him the chance to appear on several major blogs.

It should be noted that at this pace, it is only a matter of time for ARIA to make his way on top of charts.