Siblings Duo Strandels Returns With Fantastic Single ''Need Your Love''

Starting with an amazing acoustic guitar, Strandels latest single transports to a fabulous musical dimension, orchestrated on a rhythm of electronic pop. Indeed, the duo of siblings Tova and Sixten Strandell had already made their mark on the Swedish music industry thanks to their EP "Chance Of Rain". With their fresh and organic musical style, the duo returns with a refined musical cocktail, involving catchy and relaxing melodies, called "Need Your Love". The track was, of course, written by Tova and Sixten, with the support of Jimmy Harry and Amy Sheppard, who have a pretty relevant reputation in the world of music.

In addition, the story behind the track is about the regrets surrounding a relationship. Their duo explains it in their own words saying:

”We wrote the song with our favorite producer Grizzly, several years ago. The original thought was to write a song about regret in a relationship. When you do something that you regret, and realize that it is actually only one person in question, no matter what. Like a sort of ”forgive me and take me back”- song. It is still about that, but it has also become a sort of declaration of love.”

Stream Below.