Swiss Producer Klischée Gives a New & Flamboyant Life To Tim Freitag's Single "By Your Side"

04 01 Portrait Klischee Copyright Brigitte Faessler.jpg

Tim Freitag recently unveiled his single "By Your Side" and the Swiss producer Klischée decided to edit the track in his own way and the result is staggering. Indeed, the style of the song "By Your Side" changes completely and the vibe becomes more dancing and more catchy, to be honest. In addition new elements such as the trumpet play in the chorus, become embedded in the blend and make the atmosphere more hectic. Moreover, the vocal performance of Tim Freitag’s lead vocalist Janick takes a turn a little more flamboyant compared to the original mix. That said, we clearly distinguish the flavors and ingredients of Janick's vocal tone. Take the time, listen and give us your opinion.

About Klischée

Klischée is quite neatly churning up, powerfully whirling around the Swiss music scene. Their live shows are famously notorious or notoriously famous and usually leave behind a dance-frenzied pack of fans. The band takes live-electro to a new level and raises the bar up a few notches. Supported by awesome visuals and tireless legwork, the boys draw into their swirling maelstrom of sound even the very last, most intractable couch-potato.