Beyonce's Protege Sophie Beem Returns With Dazzling Summer Vibe "Stars"

Sophie Beem

Through her latest single "Stars", the young and talented Sophie Beem plunges us into an ambience mixing an Afro pop flavor with a rhythm of electronic music. First of all, the fact that the track is orchestrated by the outstanding producer 1st Klase, who previously worked with artists like Sean Paul or even Becky G, is a major asset to the exotic flavor of production. In addition, Sophie's vocal performance enhances the charisma and quality of the entire Composition. The young 19-year-old singer demonstrates that she deserves to be put under spotlight and that it’s no coincidence that Beyonce is her mentor.

Moreover, the story behind the lyrics of "Stars" is inspired by the greatest dream of all women: love.

Indeed, Sophie injects her love experience, formulated on a Long Distance relationship, in the rhymes of "Stars". She describes her love situation as a void, since she is miles away from the person she loves. Also, often such a situation leads her to often doubt the veracity or the existence of her love life.

The emotions of the young artist are, in other, perceivable through her performance. Take the time to enjoy "Stars" and let us know what you think.