Morgxn divulge pure emotions in Soulful track "Me Without You"

On May 18, Morgxn unveiled his debut album "Vital" in which is included a totally exquisite track entitled "Me Without You". The piece is mainly composed of a sweet piano melody tuned with the captivating voice of Morgxn. Throughout the performance, one is filled with a beautiful emotional tension generated by both the singer's tone of voice and the instrumental often strewn with Drum.
By the way, the story behind the lyrical writing portrays intense love towards a person up to a degree of self-loss when that love gets interrupted. So, it is important to cherish each moment with those we love, and never forget to mention all the love we carry for them by saying "I love you".

"it is a song about loving someone so much and not knowing what to do when they’re gone. it's a song about searching for home when that person is ‘home’ and without them, you don’t know home anymore. and ultimately, it is a song about recognizing and saying “i love you” before it is too late to say it anymore. i wrote it for my father." - Morgan Said