Enigmatic Canadian Duo Waveendz Released Captivating Vibe « Time For Love »

After some few months of silence, the Puzzling Duo Waveendz is back with a tremendous alternative R&B vibe entitled « Time For Love ». 


Indeed, at first the Canadian duo was more considered as a pure Hip hop group but they decide to prove wrong by releasing a song completely different from what they used to deliver. Like the title of the track describes it, ‘Time For Love’ is a poetic composing on Love with tremendous metaphoric sentences like « Eq my love to fit it right in your heart ». The meaning behind that phrase highlights the efforts and sacrifices that couple has to do to make a relationship works. Also the unique vocal performance on the first verse reminds a bit of Donald Glover Performance in the track « Redbone ». 

"Sounding noticeably more relaxed than on previously sporadic hip-hop tracks, the Canadian duo shows us their indisputable versatility across genres here. Their quirky percussion, manipulated vocal chops, and syrupy chords all combine into three minutes of delicate tranquility" ⎯ Hilly Dilly  [PREMIERE]

The track itself is easily describable as a blend of R&B and Chill Wave That takes you to a wonderful Journey.  See for yourself. 


Stream Here