Laura Roy Fancies Something behond "Temporary".

Music that generates pure internal emotion is becoming more and more rare. Nowadays, artists prefer to follow the trend to be known quickly, even if they publish music that lacks eloquence. Today, we came across an artist not common, with an expressive and touching musical style. This is Laura Roy, who recently published a piece of soulful R & B totally absorbing, entitled "Temporary".

Indeed, not only the sound of the track is really attractive but the meticulous voice of Laura naturally infuses a new life into the vibe. Through hypnotizing lyrics and mesmerizing pianistic chords, listeners get easily impregnated by the richness and seasoning of the entire composition. The rhythmic technique of the performance of the British-Canadian singer, often interspersed with short breaks, gives to the song a unique perspective. 
Moreover, the lyrical aspect of the song concerns the desire to be loved permanently. Laura describes in her poetic words a love relationship, which began in a slightly confused way but ended up taking a turn where she fell in love. So she claims romantic involvement from her partner. She wants to be "More Thank Temporary"