Honey C delivers Bars and Swag in her new Track "No Time"


Honey C is a rare Canadian flower that emerges in the Women's Rap environment. Not only does she have swag and a unique flow but she also knows how to deliver all her personality and charisma in her performance. Coming straight from Toronto the "6" as it is called, the rapper is already a big hit throughout the Atlantic region. She was even noticed by the big names of Rap like Tyga or even Chris Brown.
Nevertheless, Honey C still has something to prove and she makes it resonate in her new hit "No Time". Indeed, "These days, I ain't taking no time off" is a quote from the rapper to mean that she has scales to climb and that she will not take breaks until she reaches her goals . The track has all the qualities to please as the structure is composed of rhythmic verses, sung bridges and totally addictive Hooks.

In addition, in the video, she lands from a Motorsport, heavily equipped with "Bars" and "Swag".
Proof that Honey C is ready to dominate the Rap Game.