Jonny Glenn Collaborates with Ally Hills and Just Juice on a Stupendous Track " All Fall Down"

Jonny Glenn, Just Juice and Ally Hills present their latest musical collaboration entitled "All Fall Down", which is a prodigious fusion of R & B and commercial pop enhanced by a Rap sequence delivered by Just Juice, a Tech N9ne protégé.

First, the track begins with delicious piano chords, interspersed with modified and totally appropriate vocal chops. Then comes the delicate voice of Jonny Glenn.
"Try to keep my cool, you know what you do to me."
Treating my bed like a playground. Good luck! "- Jonny Glenn
You do not have to be a genius to understand through the lyrics that Jonny broaches the subject of Broken Hearts. In part of the chorus, he sings: "Yeah You knock me down" to express his deep disappointment and the shock he feels towards this situation of end of love relationship.
In addition, on the second verse, Ally Hills gives us the honor of her melodious and remarkable voice singing and evoking a situation of infidelity, betrayal and End of relationship:
"But you're not that cool, I can see you playin 'me.

Indeed, the idea of dding Ally Hills on the track is well thought since its grain of voice brings a new flavor to the musical project.

Finally, the song takes a versatile twist thanks to the rap couplet delivered by Just Juice.