Demi Grace Blends Reggae, Soul and Pop in "Why Would You Lie"

Demi Grace brings a new flavor to Reggae in her new song "Why Would You Lie". Indeed, blending soul RnB, reggae and pop, the tune has all the right qualities to be placed at the top of charts. Not only is creativity at the rendezvous, but also the track is totally poignant. The emotion that Demi Grace tries to communicate to her fans through her music, is perfectly perceived. Each symphonic punctuation is respected and the most beautiful thing in all, is the versatility with which Demi varies her flow from a Caribbean vibe to a vibrating mood fusing pop and RnB.
In addition, the lyrical part of the song explores a love story contradicted by lies. Also, the subjectivity of the texts suggests that the singer relates a probably personal experience.