Jordan Lomeli unveiled a lovely soulful song "No Wrong"

Jordan Lomeli, immerses us in a beautiful musical wave with her new single "No Wrong". The track has all the qualities required to please ears. Not only is the rhythm relaxing, but also the melodies sung by Jordan are totally intoxicating. Indeed, the composition is a pure amalgamation of RnB and soul with a touch of alternative. Jordan's vocal performance is staggering and her voice is very unique. We strongly feel the emotional and devotional involvement of the singer throughout the three minutes and twenty-three seconds of the song. This creates a special connection between Jordan and her audience.
Moreover, music for Jordan, more than an art, is a way of life. It's indeed through melodies, rhythms and rhymes that the RnB singer, of Mexican origin has forged a solid identity to face hard times of life. That's why her music generates a certain emotional intimacy with the audience.