ORKID released Marvelous track "So Rude"

Fresh, unpredictable and brilliant are the qualifiers we can associate with ORKID's new track "So Rude".
First of all, "Fresh" because the track is totally original and different from what you would normally hear on the radio. Also the composition corresponds to the type of vibe that young people like to listen to and dance on.
Then, "unpredictable" because of the different variations generated within the track. Indeed, totally erratic, the instrumental goes from an assembly devoid of kick in a first time to an assembly consisting only of Kick and bass. Then, a little further in the composition, a brilliant acapella sequence enhanced by vocoder. The song amazes the eardrum on every second of listening.
Finally, "Brilliant" because the structure is well arranged and the melodies match perfectly with the rhythm. The track has what it takes to be a Major Hit Song. 

Moreover, Swedish singer ORKID whose real name is Matilda Melin has outdone herself and has proved that she deserves to be raised to the rank of Superstar. At just 21 years old she already has a very impressive musical history. Thanks to her unique musical identity, she appears on the radar of many blogs, radio and music publishers around the world.
Her new single "So Rude", co-written with Lucas Nord, is a marvel that will launch ORKID towards New musical directions.

She shared: "So Rude was written with no particular person in mind. At the time I was waiting tables at this restaurant, so Lucas and me wrote this song about all the rude guests you encounter on a regular basis. I like the idea that when you hear the song you’ll probably think it’s about a relationship, but when you know the true story behind it it’s actually kind of funny.”