Maya Law Released an astonishing Jazzy Tune "Give Me No Love"

gimme no love.jpg

Maya Law returns with a unique sound mixing Jazz, Soul and Hip Hop, entitled "Give Me No Love". Indeed, the singer of British origin is part of this wave of artists giving a glow of soul and Jazz to music. Artists such as Jorja Smith, Daniel Ceasar, Zilo, Ayelle, Mahalia, SZA, and many others apply to this unique sound. It's a bit like giving birth to the Fugees vibe but applying a futuristic trend.
So while listening attentively to the track "Give Me No Love" of Maya Law, one feels a nostalgia of the 90s in a 200X perspective.
In addition, the lyric of the song portrays a relationship devoid of love that ends up ending because of repetitive lies. Through the emotion emitted in each word, we notice that Maya shares a personal experience in love. 
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