This week of August 20th, we offer you a wave of different talents in several musical fields such as pop, chill waves, alternative music etc.
Plug in your headphones or speaker as you are spoiled for choice.


Nuela Charles - Troublemaker

Canadian singer Nuela Charles can boast of her beautiful, touching voice as she performs her latest single "Troublemaker". Indeed, the musical arrangement of the track immerses us in a soul vibe of the 90s, mixed with a rock'n roll trend of modern times. Moreover, troublemaker being the second single derived from his upcoming EP, we can expect a real success for the whole EP, given the quality of this first single. It's no wonder that the young singer is already attracting the attention of blogs and radios


JuWehl - You On Your back.

The Danish duo JuWehl offers us a beautiful rhythmic mix seasoned with funk, soul and a hint of alternative RnB. The track in question, entitled "You on your back" oozes at the same time a relaxing vibe and a rhythm that gives envy to move. The vocal performance of Martin Van Der Wehle, the singer of the duo, matches very well the spontaneous musical composition of the instrumental, mainly orchestrated by the producer Laust Juel.
It must be said that the two members of JuWehl had already, each of his side accumulated a good musical experience before collaborating as a duet.


Natty Reeves - Another Boy

Natty Reeves Returns with a totally intoxicating new single titled "Another Boy", deriving from his latest EP "Siren". Indeed, the track captures a jazz character blended with a flavor of Funk. Moreover Natty highlights his singing talents by delivering us a totally fascinating performance. And to top it all, he plays in the last minutes of the track, a fabulous guitar interpretation that captivates the attention.

Have a listen Below and share your thoughts. 


The Solarist - Cup Of Tea.

Enjoy your evening while reveling in the captivating single from "The Solarist" group entitled "Cup Of Tea". Dotted with contagious melodies and a catchy chorus, the track is anchored in a beautiful fusion of Rock and electronic music alternately arranged. In addition, Nate Well's vocal performance leads to choir singing given the poignant line "Could you love me at all?" that he sings continually until it remains engraved in the head.
Listen Below.