Discoveries: November 2018


November is a month full of new music. Several talented artists have unveiled some very promising musical tracks and you will enjoy some captivating melodies.


Wiwek - Rise

Wiwek Always keeps his music original and authentic. He proves it with his latest release « Rise » featuring Stush and Kuenta I Tambu. The track is definitely flavored with a blend of Reggaetòn and Electronic music, with a hint of dancehall. Indeed, you easily fall for the catchy and intoxicating melodies deriving from the single, especially the flute melodies that gets stuck in the head. Listen Below and Let us know what you think.


Hi Levelz - Came From Nothing

Hi Levelz immerses us in a beautiful fusion of Jazz and Hip Hop with a small hint of gospel. The track in question, entitled "Came From Nothing", uses a catchy chorus and a captivating rhythm to exude a unique colorful atmosphere. Indeed, this young French producer has put authenticity and warmth in his composition to get listeners to escape and transcend on a moving tempo.


By blending alternative sounds of RnB, Pop and a small ounce of electronic music, the young Madison Artist, Bravo introduces us into a captivating musical universe through his single "Closer", (off his EP ‘Golden’). The track is well orchestrated, with simple but catchy tones. Indeed, those kind of singularities are the essence of good music. In other words, you'll love this delicious single "Closer" that Bravo presents.

Jane Q. Public - Shooting Star

Jane Q. Public is a young American artist who recently unveiled a captivating musical title entitled "Shooting Star". The track is a beautiful fusion of Jazz, soul and an ounce of Retro pop. Indeed, by dint of listening to the song, we feel immersed in a soft atmosphere, full of catchy melody that pamper the heart. Take the time to enjoy the track and tell us what you think.

Lucy Whittaker - Curious

Lucy Whittaker is a young emerging artist in the world of pop music who presents us with a very interesting track called "Curious". Indeed, "Curious" is conceived according to a concept at the same time alternative and Modern, with melodious synths and a catchy chorus.

In addition, it should be noted that the last single of Lucy has received a notable acclaim from BBC and DIVA Magazine, who have seen the potential of the young British artist.

Nephew Sam x Gabe Gizz - Money Dump

« Money Dump » is latest the hip hop single stemming from the collaboration between Nephew Sam and Gabe Gizz. The track has a catchy hook that’ll get you hype and an upbeat vibe that will get you bump your head. Indeed, listening to « Money Dump », you’ll kind of get a Travis Scott feeling blended with a Migos flow, even though the vocals aren’t too mumble. In other words, the ambience is trendy, and perfect to bump in clubs. Stream Below.

Chris Tall - Lucy

With his new single entitled « Lucy », Swedish Producer Chris Tall immerses us in a funky/dancing-electronic mood. The track has a lot of groove and oozes a summer feeling. But When Instinkt decides to remix it, the track gives you the envy and energy to dance. Indeed, this new remix of « Lucy » is the type of vibe that people enjoy the most in clubs.

Stream Below

Rachel Costanzo - Comfortable (Keir Craxton Remix)

Keir Craxton offers us a great remix of the track "Comfortable" by the young Australian singer Rachel Costanzo. First of all, the original song was already a marvel, but when Keir Craxton adds his personal touch, the musical ensemble takes on an equally fascinating direction. Bass, synthesizers, drums are smoothly arranged so that the composition generates a unique and intoxicating feeling.