Discoveries: March 2019.

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Discoveries, march 2019

March is always a month full of new flavors, mostly because summer is coming and we all know that most hit songs are crested around this time. Below, we listed few discoveries that we think deserve your attention.



Benedict Cork - Therapy.

Listening to Benedict Cork’s single « Therapy » is like having a nap on a very cozy and warm bed. And by that, I only mean that the composition is an actual therapy because it’s relaxing. In other words the song could definitely cure depression and make you feel better. Not only Cork’s vocals are pleasant but the instrumental perfectly suits the perspective he was going for. That’s why the track is our number one discovery of the month. 

Moreover, the story behind the lyric is actually very inspiring as the young London-based singer/songwriter shares his personal emotions and struggles to help his listeners to understand his experience with anxiety and depression. He Confessed:

“Last summer I began a course of therapy that has honestly been life changing for me. There's an anxiety that I've always experienced since being a kid that started affecting my day to day life and it all got a little bit overwhelming. Like many young men, I'd never really spoken about my mental health. I find it much easier to write my thoughts and emotions down in song than to discuss them with the people I love.” — He kept going by saying:
“This song is my way of acknowledging to myself that I was a little afraid of what was going on inside my head, and admitting that's it ok to not be ok. I really hope this song might help somebody who felt as lost as I did.”

Stream Therapy below and get healed by its breeze:


Dwilly - Ugh!

When it’s Friday, you need a party anthem to enjoy your night with your friends. And that’s exactly where the new banger « Ugh! » by South Carolina native David Wilson, commonly known as Dwilly, comes in rescue. The track orchestrated as a blend between funk, hip hop and house has flavors, groove and is catchy. It actually reminds of the single ‘Dang’ by the late Mac Miller and his collaborator Anderson Pa.ak. 

Moreover, the track is taken from Dwilly’s debut EP entitled « Crayola », published on March 8th. Also, regarding the conception, daily has a lot to share: 

"Crayola the EP is a retirement from the early stages of my artistry and into my deeper darker personal struggles. As I approach the age of 24, I realize my music has matured into something much more emotional and honest. That being said, the songs are flooded with immaturity, youthfulness, and a punch to the gut.

I now see things differently as an adult, having to deal with the everyday bullshit that was once foreign to me as a kid. The lyrical content itself shies from popular topics like the culture surrounding drugs and violence and truthfully embraces things like failure and anxiety.

My favorite part about crayola is how unsystematic the tracklist is, reflecting my impulsive imagination. Each song offers a different vibe. I want both kids and adults to fuck with this. I'm not "targeting any audiences", just simply painting my mind onto a canvas for anyone to enjoy.”


Monro - Respawn

Do you train often or do you run in the morning? Or even better, do you like to get hype listening hard hitting music? If yes, then we have the perfect music to please your taste. Entitled « Respawn », the latest single unveiled by Producer Monro, is at both emotional and agressive. With a set of drums that enhance the focus, and catchy mellow pads that mollify the mood, the production is just impressive. It gives the feeling of being enfold by a cozy breeze, and the feeling of being a warrior. In other words, it’s the genre of music I’d listen to, when I’m training or warming up for championship. 

Indeed, the creativity behind the song blends suspense, emotion and motion. It progressively switches moods and oozes a certain cinematic flavor. Of course, the sound signature is unique as electronic, trap and dubstep are all fused together. Note that, being Inspired by the music of artists like Baauer and Travis Scott, as well as revered US hip-hop producer and engineer Mike Dean, has crafted Monro’s music. Stream ‘’Respawn’’ below.


Cadre Cola - Talk About Nothing

Are you currently looking for a vibe that will make you waltz through a cloudy dimension? Well, the single « Talk About Nothing » by Singer/songwriter Cadre Cola could be a great fit for the mood you’re looking for. With a sound signature not like any other, the track is a tremendous alternative blend of pop, electronic synths and a certain hint of R&B vibe. Indeed, it’s the type of bop that makes you move your head no matter what genre of music you prefer. I mean, the composition is fluid and the melody is catchy. And you won’t even notice that your body is moving all along the vibe, and that you’re trancing. Stream below. 


Jerry Purpdrank - Purple Everything (Feat. Amethyst Franklyn)

Buckle up and get ready to be immersed in a soulful and intoxicating vibe, with the new single « purple Everything » by famous vine star Jerry Purpdrank and talented singer Amethyst Franklyn. The track is a beautiful orchestration, filled with flavors, emotion and a hint of fairy dust. Indeed, Amethyst’s vocal tone transports in a captivating atmosphere, while Jerry’s baritone-ish voice blends well in the ensemble produced by Tha Bizness, and the overall generates a cozy feeling. 

Stream below. 


Deep Parliament - Back To Me

« I Wish You Were Here Right Now »… It’s with that delightful phrase, filled with a catchy tune, that the single « Back To Me » offered by producer Deep Parliament. Indeed, nothing much is known by this orchestrater’s personal life, but one thing is sure; his music has flavors and authenticity. By the way, « Back To Me » is enhanced with beautiful vocals that perfectly blends in a cozy production, that will immerse you in a melodic and dancing mood. Stream below.


Rae Tavares - Shame On You.

With a versatile flow blended with an upbeat rhythmical vibe,  Rae Tavares immerses us in a hype wave, through her latest single « Shame On You », published last month. Indeed, Born Lorae Pearl Tavares, in New Bedford, the young R&B singer came a long way and is intending to reach a major level in the music industry. Moreover, Rae has a notable R&B music background mostly by being the granddaughter of Grammy award winning R&B group Tavares, and discovering music through them. 

With her captivating sound signature, a little bit reminding of DaniLeigh, or Tinashe, Rae Tavares has all the potential it takes to be a Star. 


Tyronne Hendrix - Start All Over (Feat. Ashley Jayy & Ronnie Wright)

The good old R&B as we know it, is still alive because of artists like Tyrone Hendrix. His latest single « Start All Over » which features two other tremendous singer Ronnie Wright and Ashley Jayy is a very uplifting chill R&B composition, blended with pure waves of soul music. The track is the lead single off the upcoming album ‘’Rhythm On Life Vol.2’’ which is scheduled to be published on May 2019. The album is mainly orchestrated as an R&B, soul production and will be featuring many amazing artists like Lindsey Webster, Jarrod Lawson, saxophonist Mike Phillips, legendary Portland MC Vursatyl The Great, The Portland Cello Project and more… The glance that we have right now, which is « Start All Over » gives the feeling that the album will be preciously enjoyable. Stream below.