Summer Discoveries (I) | Undiscovered Songs You Need To listen To.

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It’s known that summer is the time of the year where the biggest hits are produced. It’s also at that moment that up and coming artists often make their move the fame zone, by dropping big tunes. These days, there are so many talented artists that, most of the time, some of them are overshadowed by the famous ones. In other words, the fact that you have a good song isn’t enough to to bring you the spotlight you deserve. That is the reason why, we’re making this post to highlight brilliant summer songs that you’re probably missing out.


Okay Man - Ring Road

Ring Road is catchy acoustic vibe offered by Canadian singer-songwriter Okay Man. The track is incorporating enjoyable instruments like a rolling baritone guitar, soft trumpets, and a bubbling floor tom. It is the type of song that you often like to enjoy with friends at summer campfire. The lyrics, easily rememberable, evokes that sometimes, it takes a while to move on. Moreover, Okay man explains in his own words, saying:
“I wrote the song after a relationship came to an end, we each reacted very differently. I became stuck in an emotional rut, and she cycled solo around the Ring Road of Iceland - the well known highway which runs around the country. I was happy and proud for her, but a small part of me had the selfish desire to drag her down to my level, emotionally.” 


Jane Holiday - Poster Boy

Jane Holiday takes us on a wonderful and smooth musical journey with his single « Poster Boy », which is a catchy bop that oozes at the same time, Romantic, nostalgic and sad feelings.  It’s the genre of song that you often enjoy in a gathering with friends, since the concept of the song was actually put together ‘around the holidays when people from all over the world gather back together and share stories of their new lives, new home, new work etc.’ Indeed, Jane describes it as ‘the most reflective song’ that he has ever written. Stream below.


The Karmanauts - Hold Me In Your Heart

Once you’ll hear the single « Hold Me In Your Heart » by The Karmanauts, it’ll be almost impossible to forget about its melodious harmonies. The composition is simple, genuine and amazingly catchy. It actually reminds of the simplicity and catchiness of Passenger’s song « Let Her Go » which is, at the moment counting about 2.5 billions views on youtube. Indeed, there is a lot of emotion emanating from the song, and we all know that emotion is the major key behind most hit songs. Stream the song below and let us know what you think.


SIRÉN - Wild

There is no secret in composing good music. Some of the main keys are a unique voice, emotion and authenticity. And we find all those traits in the single « Wild » unveiled by 23 years old Swedish singer-songwriter SIRÉN. Indeed, the track is a playful & catchy bop about stepping out of your comfort zone to embrace a little bit of wildness.
The concept of the song could be pictured as a blend of pop sonorities infused with folk and a certain hint of country.
It’s definitely the type of song to enjoy on road trips. Stream Below 


Stefan J. Selbert - Lighter

Imagine yourself on a spaceship heading to another planet — that is the impression you kind of get when you firstly, hear the single « Lighter » by Tokyo Singer-songwriter/producer  Stefan J. Selbert. If you don’t get that impression, then you need to listen to the song again — Or it might just be me, tripping… Basically, you’ll feel lighter and float. I mean, the song starts with beautiful rhode chords, enhanced by a catchy Neo-soul guitar melody.  Moreover, Stefan’s vocal performance genuinely suits the vibe. In other words, this track is a masterpiece. Without further ado, stream it below. 


Mike Liegel - Lights Turn Low

Your summer playlist wouldn’t be complete without Mike Liegel’s single « Lights Turn Low ». Indeed, produced by Andy Seltzer who has previously worked with the likes of Maggie Rogers and Chelsea Cutler, the track is presented as a Pop/Rock composition incorporating a certain chill lo-fi vibe. Moreover, the lyrics explore confusion and mistrust in a relationship as you can read in the line « But Baby You Just Confuse Me / I don’t know if you wanna use me ». This is definitely a personal and emotional song, and you can tell by listening to Mike’s vocal tone when he sings. Stream below.


Skytech x DNF - Touching Me

Polish producers Skytech and DNF join forces on the fantastic electronic single « Touching Me » which is a wonderful musical trip. Indeed, Skytech has been making waves this year, especially with his latest single « Out Of My Mind », being Re-edited by Major DJ/Producer R3HAB. The rising producer always surprises with his distinctive sounds elements blending Bass, Synths, and autotune vocals. By collaborating with DNF, he’s definitely adding more seasoning to his production which is perceptible in the « Touching Me ». In fact, the track is a lustrous composition blending a dubstep vibe to a modern pop feeling. Stream below