RADAR: Rising Singer-Songwriter Jacob Banks Is Set To Become A Legend.


Jacob Banks is a rising singer-songwriter who has always been in our radar. We definitely think that this Nigerian-born British Artist is a real star, already set to dominate his generation. He definitely has the voice of an angel that immerses listeners into deep trance. Indeed, with the release of his album “Village” which features wonderful tracks like “Chainsmoking”, “Caroline”, “Mexico” or even “Love Ain’t Enough”, Jacob Banks takes his art to a whole new level and proves that he deserves all the praises that he got from majors blogs such as Papermag, The Guardian…

“When Jacob Banks sings, stars align. Doves take off in unison. Listening to his voice is like easing yourself into perfectly temperate bath water, like biting into a ripe, fleshy peach. It's like wrapping yourself in the fluffy towel of a $2000-a-night hotel, or getting a text back from a crush who is definitively out of your league.”Papermag

“Village” is a beautiful musical orchestration blending different taste of vibe ranging from gospel to soulful R&B, with a hint of Afrobeat music. That fusion of sounds is due to the fact that Jacob always wants to stay true to himself and his visions. He explains, in an interview with papermag:

“You won't get far into my life without being genuine. For you to get this close that would mean you're a great human being. In a sense that I trust the people around me. Good people attract good people. The people I work with are great human beings.”

He add:

“This is just my expression, this is my therapy. Every time when I write a song when I talk about something, once I get it out on a record. I'm done with that problem. That's genuinely how I release. Once I put out a record it's no longer mine, it belongs to the people.”

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