RADAR: Mimoza Has All It Takes To Be A Pop Star.


Mimoza is a young talented singer-songwriter who amazes especially with her intoxicating voice. Her last track, "Love For Days" is a beautiful musical orchestration that exudes charisma and flavor. The track as such merges modern pop with a hint of country sonorities. Indeed, one can definitely predict, while listening to "love For Days" that Mimoza will be a great Pop star, not only because her powerful and punchy vocal performance gets listeners to connect to her but also because the vibe she oozes reminds a bit of Ellie Goulding’s.

Also, the story behind “love For Days”, is inspired by the singer’s experience. Indeed, the song is a feminine, whimsical and dreamy song, which captures the magic of a romance. Mimoza reveals:

"it's about that moment you find yourself in when you're both on the verge of falling for each other, but no one has quite let themselves take that step! You both know you are right there, falling in love, but you both need a push to just go for it and surrender yourselves to the magic of what you're feeling”.

A View On Her Background:


Mimoza was born in Kosovo but had to move from there, as a young child, because of war. She has since lived in Sweden, Germany and now the U.S. Her time spent in these countries has given her, an understanding into an array of cultures, allowing a fusion of different influences to blend into her music.

Mimoza’s stunning songwriting is inspired by real life experiences. Her vulnerable lyrics touches themes of yearning for love and attention. Her raw and honest storytelling allows listeners to connect to the singer and relate to her music on a personal level.

"Each song is like a page of my diary. If I don't experience it, I can't sing or write about it.” — She says. — “Nobody tells me what to write or sing about, but myself. I’m the pilot of my plane and I have a great team of people that are my co passengers and believe in me as much as I do”.

Mimoza has seen success with her debut release as a songwriter reaching number one in Japan, selling more than 70,000 copies in one day. Her music has also been featured in national ad campaigns, as well as having a hit single charting in Germany. Mimoza's solo career has garnered over 65 million Spotify streams to date. Known for her exceptional talent and enigmatic songwriting, Mimoza continues to astound listeners, with her latest single “Love For Days”.

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