RADAR: Watch For Canadian Pop Singer Neena Rose

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We were introduced to Neena Rose, through two incredible singles: « Mannequin » and « Machine Gun ». Indeed, the performance that she delivered was so fluid and catchy that we immediately pick up those two songs as favorite, from her music catalog. The young Singer has definitely something special, and it isn’t just the fact that music is literally “colorful” to her, but it’s also the flavor that she infuses in her composition.

“Songs are colourful for me,” she says of her highly unique and wildly fascinating multi-sensory perception of the senses, chromesthesia synesthesia. “Every song I hear or write has a very, very specific colour visual attached to it.”

She is still crafting her sound signature but with more thrive, she will definitely gain a spot among pop celebrities. 

Mannequin | Review 

The track has a good texture and its vibe is definitely pleasant. Most people will enjoy it, but music professional and critics might say that it lacks a certain catchy element that would give it the « Wow! » response — Not that it doesn’t have a chance to be a hit song — with a good marketing technic, the audio will get the exposure it deserves. However, the video lacks a certain charisma, because the dance performance was a bit dull. Personally, I think that Neena Rose must focus more on sincere visual performances. The bright side of all this, is that she has a tremendous voice and some good songwriting skills. It’s just a matter of time before she gets the exposure she deserves. Stream Mannequin below


Machine Gun | Review

The latest single « Machine Gun », has a tremendous sound production, and the visuals are even more captivating. Indeed, counter to the first track above, the video oozes charisma and is even more vibrant. The little twist occurring around 1:28 in the video, takes on a wonderful cozy trip, mostly with Neena’s fluid melodic vocal performance. Moreover, I believe this song could be the potential breakout single for Neena, if the marketing is well handled. It has all the elements, hits music videos have. Also, It’s noticeable that from Mannequin to Machine Gun, Neena has improved her body moves, and the way she carries herself in front of the camera. This track is definitely a good one. 

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