RADAR: Benny Mayne is Set To Take Over 2019

Benny Mayne

This year we had discovered several promising artists in Hip Hop music and Benny Mayne is one of them. With his charismatic singing flow and catchy choruses, this young Canadian rapper is already making waves across the city of Toronto. It is also thanks to his first single "Bounce" that he landed on the radar of several fans and blogs, amassing up to more than 400,000 plays, and placing himself for a while at the top of the chart RnB.

Note that it wasn’t always easy for Benny Mayne, because before making himself, a name on the Hip Hop scene, this young rapper from Toronto, has faced many difficult situations. Indeed, he explains in his own words:

“I knew I had to take a step back so that I could develop something real. I spent those years experimenting with music, rediscovering why I loved creating. It took patience and perseverance, but I never stopped,” says benny of his struggle.

“I believe I had to go through those darker times to become the artist I am today."

Today, benny has already signed with the renowned Paradigm Agency, as well as landed a distribution deal with EMPIRE for all his unreleased music. The stage is set for benny mayne to be one of 2018's rising stars.

You can stream his latest Singles “Devil In Dress” & “Never No”

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