RADAR: Interview With Sam Woods

Sam Woods steps into the music world with a lovely debut single entitled "pretend", which draws great inspiration from the 80s and 70s R & B and Funk.

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The track has all the necessary elements to seduce the audience. Not only, the instrumental is arranged with precision, but also contains the appropriate flavors to the hearing enjoyment. The captivating velvety voice of Sam also plays a primordial role in the success of this musical project. Indeed, the way he performs on the beat is so breathtaking that it gives to the whole song, a unique sound. 
In addition, to better understand the musical vision of Sam Woods, we decided to interview him.

First, what inspired you to create the song "Pretend"? 
Over the past year I have been incredibly inspired by 70s and 80s funk and r&b music. I wanted to create a song that combined these older influences with newer, modern production methods. There’s just something so indescribable about the feeling you get listening to a Michael Jackson song. I could never live up to that, but I wanted to just recreate a fraction of that feeling

What Music Genre Do You Focus On, Mostly? 
No particular genre, I like to try to experiment with writing all types of music. But right now, for the project I’m currently working on, I think it could be described as fun, pop, dance music for people that want to have a good time.

How Long Did it take you to finalize the track?
“pretend” has been a little over the year in the making. I wanted to make sure my debut single was something I was really really proud of.

During the creating process of the song, what came up first? The melodies or the lyrics?
Melodies, always melodies. It’s the most important part of my music.

How have you started Music ? What gave you the will / motivation to keep on going?
I think the most important thing to keep yourself going in the music industry is just true passion for it. If you were the only person in the world, would you still make music if no one was around the listen to it? But then again…selling out arenas would be pretty cool I guess.

Have you wanted to do something else instead of Making Music or Music was always Your First option ?
Always music. In any way, shape, or form that I’m able to.

Who Is your favorite Artist?
Prince. Currently, Bruno Mars.

Use 3 Words To describe Yourself.
Curious. Passionate. Determined.

Where Do you see Yourself in 5 years ?
Hopefully selling out arenas, sharing my music with millions of people all around the world, having the opportunity to work with my favorite artists.

What Would be a Great Accomplishment for you in your career?
Going back home to NY and selling out MSG.

What Major Artist Do you want to Collab With?
The Weeknd.

How Do You perceive the Music Industry Nowadays? What Would You Change In it? And What Wouldn’t you Change?
Eh. One of my biggest qualms with the music industry is major labels just throwing money at “artists” that have a ton of followers on instagram. That’s just a terrible way to promote an inspiring musical atmosphere. I think because of this, among other things, all pop music sounds exactly the same. Pop as an overarching genre has lost all of its credibility because 90% of the top charters have so little musical ability. And the world learns to praise them even though their entire brand has nothing to do with them personally. Their music is written by other people, they’re dressed by other people, and they’re told what to say by other people. In some ways that has always been a little true, but never to this extent.
That makes me sound like a bitter old man, but whatever. However, I do think there are SO many promising new artists and I think listeners everywhere are finally realizing they deserve so much better then what the industry is giving them, so there IS hope!!! ✩✩✩✩✩

Name 3 Songs That You would call « Masterpieces Of All Time »
Prince - 1999
Michael Jackson - Don’t Stop ’Til You Get Enough
Mark Ronson feat Bruno Mars - Uptown Funk


It Was a pleasure interviewing You! Also We Love Your track "Pretend" and we hope to hear More From you in the Future. Keep up The Good Work.