Totally Jam 003: Favorite Concept Of The Month

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Uranium Waves Proudly unveils “Totally Jam Ep 03”, a monthly list of favorite musical compositions. In other words, this section highlights 5 songs that we believe sounds very unique and catchy. We focus on the originality, the texture, the catchiness, and the structure to determine songs to be featured on the list.


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Alex Holtti - Bad Guy (1)



Alex Holtti

“My dream is to touch people and hit where it hurts and where it feels good, and hopefully make a difference with my songs the way music have healed me” — This is a message from Alex Hollti and we definitely believe that the young 24 year old musician from Copenhagen, Denmark is fulfilling his dream because his debut single ‘Bad Guy’ is a pure musical marvel loaded with emotions and wonders. First, the structure of the song isn’t common and from the start, you can already tell that the entire song will fill the emptiness in your soul. Indeed, the dexterity and fluidness with which Alex rides on the instrumental is just impressive. It actually gives the chills and the concept of the production just suits his vocal tone. Also, it only took this single to Alex to reach about 100,000 monthly listeners on Spotify.  Alex is definitely on the right track to be listed among Pop Superstars. 

Moreover, behind the orchestration of the song, Alex Holtti’s depicts complicated relationships where non-exclusivity becomes mixed emotions and one part ends up as the bad guy. A feeling and scenario deriving from Alex’ personal life.

Stream Below


R3HAB x Icona Pop - This Is How We Party (2)

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R3HAB x Icona Pop

Nowadays, few people really know how to party like back in the days. They just spend time on their phones, instead of getting on the dance floor. That's why R3HAB and Icona Pop dive into a festive and jovial vibe, with their latest collaborative song entitled « This How We Party » to bring back the good feeling of the '90s. Indeed, the track has a dancing flavor fused with captivating melodies and a catchy hook that listeners can easily remember. The composition has therefore the ideal ingredients of a hit song. Moreover, regarding the process behind the making of the song, both side had few quotes to share:
"I've been a fan of Icona Pop ever since their first record release and I'm so excited to have a collab with them. This track was so fun to make and I hope everyone enjoys the positive vibe that it stands for." - R3HAB 

"As kids brought up in the 90s, we wanted to honor this party anthem 'S.O.A.P. - This Is How We Party' that feels as awesome today as it did back then! This collaboration with R3HAB felt like a perfect match and bridge over to what dance music is today."Icona Pop 


Mark Diamond - Road (3)

Mark Diamond


Mark Diamond

Exclusively premiered on Billboard, the single “Road” rendered by Seattle native singer/songwriter Mark Diamond is a wonderful piece of art blending indie pop with tuneful alternative synths. The vibe exuded by the composition is charged with emotions, charm and a certain feeling reminding of the 90’s pop flavors. Indeed, it’s the category of music that relaxes the body form all kind of tensions.  Also, the most interesting thing about the composition is the inclusion of different sounds variation, and the fluid blend of Mark’s husky vocals.

On the song Mark shared:
“‘Road’ was one that just needed to come out. The day before it was written, we decided to call it an early night at the studio and left 11pm. I tried to go meet up with friends but was having a hard time switching back to “reality” after spending so much time in the studio. I went into the studio the next day slightly on edge, so I laid on the ground behind the board and wrote this song. Immediately I felt better — like I had just explained to myself that this is my life now. I needed to realize that it was my choice, and it’s absolutely beautiful to live this way. Hope is important to me these days. I think the world could always use more of it.”


Camilla North - Not Here (4)


Not Here

Camilla North

Polished and well structured, the latest single « Not Here » by Camilla North is a wonderful blend of commercial pop enhanced with smooth electronic sonorities. Indeed, the track is filled with emotions and depicts the young singers sexual fantasies about a crush she wouldn’t dare to speak to. We can all agree that at one episode of our life, we’ve been through a situation like that. That’s why, listeners can easily connect with the song. Moreover, behind the concept of the song, we were amazed by the fluid vocal performance delivered by Camilla. It was so consistent and loaded with a fresh breeze that get you in a pampering trance. In other words, Camilla has all it takes to be a Major Artist because she sounds amazing and her dexterity to compose is unique. Stream Below. 


Franke - Wonder What The Use Is (5)


Wonder What The Use Is


The first time, we’ve discovered Franke was through his single « Italy », a charismatic upbeat composition. Today, we would like to present one of his recent authentic project entitled « Wonder What The Use Is », off his latest EP project ‘Internet Heartbreak’, unveiled  on February 14th. Indeed, the song has an unique sound signature that you probably never heard before and the ingredients includes guttural vocals, catchy synths chords and a mellow mid-tempo beat. Indeed, the vibe has a certain Kanye West’s influence but is loaded with Franke’s genius signature mostly because the ambiance totally changes at the last seconds of the song to a mellow guitar flow.  Stream below.