PREMIERE: Otis James & Stoyan Presents “Classy Nasty”

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Otis James x Stoyan | classy nasty

Otis James and Stoyan have known each other for years. But while crossing paths on a night out in Sydney at the end of 2018, Otis promised to make a beat for Stoyan. He kept that promise, and Stoyan loved the beat. And after few sessions in studios, “Classy Nasty” was created.

Rap music takes a smooth span, enhanced with lyrical contents and dozed rhythm, when Otis James decides to unveil his sound perspective, through the consistent single « Classy Nasty » featuring Stoyan.

Indeed, the single is a typical classic hip hop blend with an ‘old school’ spirit, and a certain tone of Rock-ish electric guitar added around the end of the production. Throughout the song, Otis and Stoyan portray the concept behind the songwriting as an ode to women that know how to balance their mood between ‘classy’ and ‘nasty’. Plus, an interesting fact is that the lyrics were actually based on Stoyan's love experience. And the song was recorded in Otis' home studio and in Yap Yap studios, after Otis was done orchestrating the instrumental.

Stream Below.