PREMIERE: Gillian Heidi Debuts With A Sweet Acoustic Single “What It Felt Like”


With the help of her guitar and her tuneful vocal tone, young singer-songwriter Gillian Heidi offers a tremendous ballad entitled « What It Felt Like » in which she invites listeners to experience a glimpse of the vulnerable aspect of her life.

First of all, the structure of the song itself, orchestrated by producer Patrick Hanlin, merges modern folk with an acoustic pop vibe. The overall oozes catchiness and the mood, cocooned with innocence, is breathtaking. Indeed, the song is actually perfect for relaxation, particularly because it has the same flavors as the songs that usually gets played on radios.

Moreover, on the lyrical side, the dexterity and the coherence infused in the rhymes is fascinating. The story encompass Teenage life’s routine, mostly when friendship gets troubled by certain circumstances. Simply put, Gillian musically explores the loss of a special friendship as she sings that she's missing her « smile full of sunshine and eyes full of light » . She’s also nuancing the fact of not missing the friend in particular, but missing the feel of being with that person.

Through this creative rhymes and allegories set up by this insightful 14-year-old, we can only nod that she has the potential to be a superstar. 

Stream below.