Lac Belot Takes Us On A Wonderful Waltz With «Unspectaculator»


Finnish Band Lac Belot immerses us in a sort of Medieval vibe with the track entitled « Unspectaculator » off their latest album « ABRACADABRA! ». The track oozes emotions and takes your heart on a wonderful waltz through beautiful fairy melodies. The charismatic performance delivered by Lac Belot’s lead singer plays a part in the chills you get when listening to this marvel. 

Indeed, from his real name Jarno Takkumäki, Lac Belot,’s Primus engine, despite his young age, has been involved in crafting Finnish singer-songwriter Laura Moisio's Eternal Light album, which got Teosto Award nomination. And That’s a proof that these young artists have a tremendous potential that the audience is starting to noticed. 

Stream « Unspectaculator » below