5 Songs To Comfort You During This Winter.


Winter is Here and you will probably be looking for some cool and chill songs to cozy up, in your room, or with your friends. Well, we have 5 songs that you’ll definitely enjoy listening to.

Winter Jam (1).png

Echlo - Beautifully Cruel

It’s so warming to listen to a piano melody when it’s cold outside. That’s why I recommend you to take the time to enjoy these lovely melodies that Echlo is offering through her single « Beautifully Cruel ». The track is simply but consistently put together and oozes a lot of charisma thanks to Echlo’s powerful vocals. Indeed, the track kind of reminds me of « Hello » by Adele, not only because it has almost the same structure but also because Echlo’s vocal approximately sounds like Adele’s. It’s definitely a good therapy against them cold winds outside. Stream Below. 

Moxie Raia - Shades Of Blue

On a smooth and captivating set of guitar melodies, Moxie Raia takes us on a marvelous musical journey, with her single « Shades Of Blue ». Indeed, the young singer offers an emotional and intoxicating vocal performance that perfectly blends in a suave and catchy instrumental. The track as such is a tremendous fusion of Soul and contemporary RnB music. 

Note that, not only Moxie is already being noticed by major blogs and Radio stations but she is also getting on few Major Artists Radar.

Indeed, She has been one of the opening acts on Justin Bieber’s massive Purpose Tour. With over 85 million streams and features by artists such as Post Malone, Wyclef and Pusha T - the New Jersey singer’s journey to playing stadiums with one of the world's biggest pop stars began years ago. Stream “Shades Of Blue” below.

Daisy Maude - Blockbuster

Daisy Maude has a voice that transports on a wonderful musical trip. Her latest single « BlockBuster » is a pure delight and very convenient for winter because the vibe warms the heart. Indeed, the track has a flavor bouncing between contemporary pop and modern folk music. Daisy delivers a very emotional and charismatic performance. Moreover, the idea behind the song explores the hidden realities behind the limelight of idealized relationships, mainly those entrenched within Hollywood celebrity culture, and the hazy truths behind glamorous make-believe romances. 

Athena Joy - The Weekend

« But Don’t You Love The Weekend? » is asking Athena, in her new single entitled « Weekend ». Of course, the answer is « Yes! », everybody loves the weekend, not only because it’s the time when we gather with friends to have fun but also because it’s the time when we get to take a break from work. And it’s definitely a pleasure to take that break and enjoy these cozy vibes that Athena is offering us. Indeed, Her breathy vocals infused in a gentle and suave instrumental is adequate for winter, because it definitely warms the soul. Stream Here

ROYAL - The Hunter

Here’s another track with powerful piano melodies and captivating vocals; « The Hunter » by Canadian singer ROYAL. Indeed, the track oozes emotions and ROYAL’s vocal performance takes to cheerful places. She definitely has the gift to captivate souls and hearts, and with this new composition, she integrates complex and intoxicating sound algorithms to seduce her audience. Moreover, regarding the lyrical orchestration, ROYAL explains: 

“This song tells the story of a woman running to escape ‘The Hunter’ with the moon as her guide to freedom. She prays for the light to lead her away from the darkness that falls behind her, and hide her footsteps within the shadows of the night. With courage and hope in her heart, she channels all of her strength and dares not look back. She will escape.”