JNTHN STEIN Shared A Remix Of Noah Slee & Jordan Rakei's "Reality" Song


When Noah Slee and his collaborator Jordan Rakei unveiled their track « Reality », it has a unique flavor and oozes chill and emotions. But when JNTHN STEIN decides to remix the song, it takes different perspective and the vibe is as good and intoxicating as the original version. That personal touch added by JNTHN STEIN takes the song to a more energetic level, full of catchy and exhilarating melodies. Besides, STEIN shared that:

"When I heard the track I was blown away by how slick and raw Noah and Jordan's vocals and production were, and how meaningful and personal the lyrics were to my own headspace,” — says JNTHN STEIN. “This remix is me just playing with that reality in a daydream kinda way, letting the mind just wander and seeing what can happen through playfulness and curiosity. Everyone has their own Reality.”

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