KOATES Unveiled "The Right Place" To Portray The 'Ping-Pong Effect' Of Relationships


London based trio KOATES has recently unveiled an impressive and gracious pop track entitled « The Right Place ». The song is a blend of alternative pop with a hint of Rock-ish ingredients. It’s also has a vibe full of emotions and oozes charisma, thanks to James Coates Lead Vocals. 

Indeed, « The Right Place » was produced by Gary Go who has a tremendous portfolio, for working with the likes of Rihanna, Robbie Williams, Take That, The 2 Bears and Juliette Lewis… It’s, then quite normal that the production sounds so refined and catchy. 

Besides, James Coates (Vocals / Guitar), Jojo Macari (Bass / Backing Vocals)  and Joe Perkins (Drums) gave an incredible performance and the chemistry between those three friends is noticeable through the performance. 

Moreover, the lyrical concept portrays the ups and downs of relationships.

‘The Right Place’ is  based on a relationship turning toxic. One day you can experience total happiness and euphoria, the next you hit rock bottom. That constant Ping-Pong effect: fight, make up sex, fight, make up sex, is what inspired the song. Just hoping that the toxicity would disappear and you could be in good place.” —KOATES said