Have You Heard The Project "Buckets" by Elohim and Skrillex Yet?


Los Angeles artist/producer Elohim has recently unveiled a single titled "Buckets." — a co-production with major electronic producer Skrillex. Indeed, the track is the second in a pair of singles that Elohim has released on January the 9th, via the label OWSLA. Orchestrated as an upbeat electronic blend of both subtle and hard hitting sonorities, the song oozes a lot of charisma, emotions and uniqueness.
Describing the concept behind "Buckets," Elohim quotes:

"2019 will be a year of unmasking, unveiling, and facing fears head on. Buckets is the beginning. It is also the final installment of my collaborations with Skrillex. This piece is an emotional purge, a side of me I’ve never shared before. I am now ready... Are you?"

"Buckets" follows the November release of new single "Connect," also a Skrillex co-production, which was Elohim's first release with OWSLA. The track has seen critical love with Billboard calling it "an airy, synth-pop groove that lifts you gently. It brings a fresh perspective to retro vibes," and Dancing Astronaut noting that the track "creates an uplifting atmosphere, lined by shimmering notes and warm harmonies." You may now watch the official video of "Connect" below