3 Amazing Songs To Start Well Your February


This February sounds very promising in Music quality and quantities, given that these last two months artists have been providing us with charismatic and flavored projects. That’s the reason why we’ve saved these three amazing singles below to remind you that more is definitely on the way. 2019 will be full of colors and cocktails.

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Raised in a small Swiss town by Kosovo-Albanian parents, ILIRA struggled to find her place in an environment with clashing cultures. Citing a wide set of musical influences from Nirvana to Rihanna as her first major muses, ILIRA developed a rebellious middle- finger-wagging attitude at a very young age, shaping her into the artist that she is today. ILIRA began cutting her teeth on the live stage in various talent shows on Albanian and Swiss TV, all the while writing songs to beats she had purchased online and posting clips of these songs to Instagram. Flash forward to a move to Berlin, Sony Music Germany snap ILIRA up and she begins penning catchy pop tracks in LA and London. With more music to follow this year, ILIRA is a pop princess no longer in waiting.

With a lot of flavors and sensuality, young sensation ILIRA immerses us in her non filtered single « GET OFF MY D!CK ». Appearing like a pop princess, the young Albanian singer doesn’t hold back what she thinks and she’s using her amazing voice to shout it loud. 

Indeed, the composition is a tremendous combination of commercial pop music and electronic  sounds. And it’s definitely the type of vibes that radios love to repeatedly play, not only because it’s catchy and easy to remember, but also because it’s definitely trendy. Proof is that the track is already doing well on Spotify, totalizing about 2 millions streams. People are loving it! What about you? Stream below. 

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The Chainsmokers - Hope (Feat. Winona Oak) | Electronic

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The Chainsmokers

“This is the last song round out our Sick Boy Album. Its a very special song written by Winona that tells the story most of us all know so well about love and how blinding it can be. When you try to see the best in a situation, knowing you would have done anything to make it work but the whole time it was doomed from the start. That said the song is uplifting and supposed to be healing... we have all been here, but we are smarter now and better for it…”

The duo ‘The Chainsmokers’ is well known by music fans, and mostly in the electronic music world. Besides, it’s no surprise to anyone, if the latest projects they’ve dropped, already figure among the most listened tracks on platforms.

Indeed, one track in particular captivated us the most. Entitled “Hope” and featuring talented singer/songwriter Winona Oak, the song is a pleasure for ears and the way it’s structured, will immerse you in an ocean of emotions and wonders.

Of course if you have few time to spare, you could actually listen to the whole album entitled “Sick Boy”, not only because it’s fantastic but also because it features amazing artists like Kelsea Ballerini, Drew love, Emily Warren, NGHTMRE…

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Bryn - So Gotti | Rap



“The 99 mixtape is something I wanted to drop as a BIG thank-you to all my fans for supporting me through an incredible year. It has some brand new tracks on it along with favourites already out there. I called it 99 because I was born in 1999.” Says BRYN “Watch this space for 2019, when I’ll be hitting you up with some new material and fresh sounds…”

Rising rap sensation BRYN returns with the single « So Gotti » included in her debut album entitled « 99 », which is loaded with 8 flavored hip hop tracks. The young rapper clearly proved that she has what it takes to figure listed among the best female rappers of our generation. Her charismatic and strident flow and her fascinating swag accentuate her creativity. Over the course of this year, BRYN has been championed by many influencers like GRM and Link UP, and racked up an impressive 1 million streams across all videos and uploads. Moreover, with the « 99 » album that she has dropped, she could definitely be noticed on a bigger radar. 






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