Jennifer Kamikazi Shares Deep Feelings In “You And I”

Jennifer Kamikazi


With roots spanning from East London to East Africa, Jennifer Kamikazi’s music is a blend of western soul/indie/folk seasoned with Rwandan folk influence. Her delicate and sweet-sounding voice is often compared to pop singer Ellie Goulding. Since releasing her ‘Wildflower EP’ in 2016 Jennifer’s music has been streamed more than half a million times on Spotify and has gathered thousands of listeners through popular indie/pop/folk blogs Alex Rain Bird Music, Indie Folx and Indie Feed. Jennifer’s rapid success is undoubtedly due to her captivating and distinctive voice. The trademark of her sound is attributed to her soft vibrational tones, coupled with her purely refreshing and vulnerable song-lyrics.

It’s a pleasure and a very lovely experience to listen to Jennifer kamikazi’s performance in her latest single « You And I ». Indeed the track is a cute lullaby merged in a soothed vibe and Jennifer’s voice literally pampers the soul. Moreover the idea behind the song is the portray of intimacy and the perspective surrounds the concept of Human’s Heart. 

In other words, the young East London Singer gets very intimated and shares deep feelings in her lyrics. You’ll be enveloped by the cozy and fragile vibe that her sound oozes. Stream below.