The Little Miss Unveiled Pampering Ballad Titled "Take Me, Too"

Uranium Waves - The Little Miss

The Little Miss sprinkles us with a sweet and pampering melodic wind through her new single "Take Me Too", from her EP "American Dream". With the help of a beautiful organ partition, the singer delivers a sublime performance that touches emotionally. Indeed, the story told through the lyrics depicts a personal experience of the young singer during his musical journey. "A happy ending is nothing without the hero's journey," says The Little Miss. "Take Me, Too" is the kind of song that helps to realize that the ups and downs of life are essential to achieve great accomplishments. She quotes:

"I wrote 'Take Me, Too' shortly after moving to Los Angeles to pursue music. The weight of my pursuit was crushing. I knew two people, I couldn't find a steady job and I didn't know where to begin. More than anything, I wanted to jump ahead to the place in my story that said, 'and she lived happily ever after.' I didn't want to do the leg work, stumble through awkward open mic nights or do anything that challenged me or my sense of self. 

This month, it'll be five years since I moved and I'm so grateful for the fact that I couldn't jump ahead. So, while I had wanted more than anything to wish my time away, I'm so glad now that I couldn't."