Cassie Marin Confesses in Brilliant Single That She's "Guilty" Too

Uranium Waves Cassie Marin

With all her charm and vocal sensuality, Cassie Marin presents her new single "Guilty".
Indeed, written and composed with great dexterity, the track assembles different catchy sounds, reinforced by a charismatically intoxicating vocal performance. With an authentic musical style incorporating an 808 bass into a Dream Pop vibe, Cassie Marin proves how versatile she can be when it comes to create.
Moreover, the lyric side of the song is about a love story that takes a complex turn, with Cassie remaining fearful about falling back into the arms of the other individual involved in this love circle.
Listening to the lyrics and focusing on how to perform Cassie, you will notice how amazing her musical perspective is.