Amsterdam Trio DANSU Unveiled Soulful and Cheerful Single "Don't You Give Up"

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Amsterdam based indie-electro music trio DANSU offers us a fabulous musical concoction fusing soul music with a funky cadence, titled 'Do not You Give Up'. Indeed, with its catchy singing tune, the chorus designed in a simple but effective way, remains stored in the noggin. The piano chords are so intoxicating that they carry in a pleasant universe full of colors. In addition, we must also mention the impeccable vocal performance of the singer of the group Jeroen van der Werken, which brings to the track a unique character.
Note also that the group has attracted the attention of several blogs and radio stations throughout the world, thanks in particular to their previous single "Do Do Do", which has been selected by MTV France. In other words, this young trio is now on the right track and it's only a matter of time for them before appearing among the biggest peaks of music. 
Have a Listen Below.