Passenger's Heart To Love's song is a pure Magical Journey

Passenger Lead Image Lo.jpg

Passenger returns with a new iconic single on love titled "Heart To Love". With a musical air mixing folk music with a modern pop trend, the track leads into a totally intoxicating waltz. Also note that the vocal performance of the British singer which real name is Michael David Rosenberg, represents a pure pearl for auditory relaxation. I mean every passenger's song is a magical journey to a world full of colors. 

Also on the writing side, by listening to the lyrics "I keep searching for a Heart to Love", we can deduce that the subject behind the composition of the track is mainly based on love, which is also the main source of the majority of the most listened compositions in the world. Plus, the singer explained in his own words: 

“‘Heart to Love’ is a song I’ve tried to record a few times and for whatever reason it just wouldn’t work,” says Passenger, aka Brighton’s Mike Rosenberg. “Finally we’ve recorded it in a way that it sounds exciting and how I always imagined it. It’s a simple song really, about trying to find the right person, which is probably something that everyone can relate to.”

Indeed, Passenger is among the most popular artists in Britain, especially after the publication of their music title 'Let Her Go' which has collected nearly 1 billion views on Youtube.

Have a Listen of Heart to Love below