Toronto Based Singer Desiire Unveiled a Tremendous Single "Silver Lining" as a Glimpse Of His Upcoming EP

Uranium Waves - Desiire - SIlver Lining ( Promo Photo ).jpg

Back in the booth to give us a well-rounded musical experience, DESIIRE teams up with talented collaborators like Roy Avital & Tyler Bloomfield for the production of his new single 'Silver Lining'.
The track as such, is a beautiful musical arrangement between funk and RnB, highlighting the juicy and captivating vocal tone of the Young Singer from Toronto. Listening to the song, we find ourselves immersed in an atmosphere that is both glamorous, intoxicating and hyped with a rhythmic rap verse.
In addition, the lyric part of the song is about the personal journey of the singer. He quotes:

"This song is about always seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, no matter what you’re going through, believing in yourself and always knowing that the best is yet to come" 

Indeed, the single is a glimpse of DESIIRE's upcoming EP Project entitled "The Silver Lining". He adds: 

"The new project is going to be a lot more diverse than my last one, in terms of sounds and vibes. A lot more storytelling and more of me pushing my envelope“