✆ INTERVIEW: David Davis new Single entitled "Always Be You" is pure Gold

A Night Of Romance With Your Soulmate is incomplete without a song like "Always Be You" By Talented singer/songwriter David Davis. In fact, This is probably the Song that you need to take your wedding to a whole new emotional level. 

Not only the vocal performance is flawlessly delivered, but also the rending exudes a superstar's charisma. Throughout the four minutes and twenty-four seconds that the track lasts, ears get filled with colors and warmth. The guitar riffs well structured along with the vocal, gushes pure fanciful mental images .

Indeed, blending alternative Jazz with intense soul RnB, "Always Be you" oozing David's deepest endearments, is meticulously pitched to his audience. Each intoxicating note of the hook intoned by the singer comfort the nerves and gets stuck in the head. Thus We decided to know David a little bit more by interviewing him.


What Inspired You To Create The Song "Always Be You"

I know a lot of artists write about a specific relationship or time in their life. I more often tend to write songs pulling from overall themes within all my relationships. I wanted to speak on how everyone I’ve ever committed to romantically still remains with me in some way, to this day. It could be a certain fragrance, a specific place; some memories are so potent that it feels like it was yesterday. I think everyone has that person, or people, who taught him or her how to love. So when my cowriter (Emma Calvillo) and I wrote it, we talked a lot about those eternal loves that we both had and made this the tribute to them. 

How Long Did it take you to finalize the track? 

I wanted it to be a male/female epic ballad with a lot of instrumentation and production. When my producer/engineer, Joe Crow, and I went to Nashville to record, we tried making it that way. After a few attempts, it didn’t feel right. We then decided to strip it back entirely, and to sing it as a solo vocal with my phenomenal guitarist, Peter Ferguson. The strippedback brokenness of the track left a lot of openness that I was honestly scared of. And as I dug deep into the message and became really emotional, my voice broke quite a few times. As we listened back to it, we decided editing, over-producing it and rerecording a ‘perfect’ vocal would diminish the vulnerability. That’s why I’m thankful to be surrounded by producers and musicians who remind me to show these parts of my voice and to be brave about what seems scary at first!

During the creating process of the song, what came up first? The melodies or the lyrics? 

Sometimes, if I haven’t written in a while, my brain gets real mad at me. Writing music is therapeutic for me, so I don’t like going too long without expressing myself in this way. So when it’s been a minute since I’ve written, these songs just kind of drop in my head right as I’m falling asleep or when I wake up. The morning we wrote it, I got out of bed humming the chorus melody. I knew Emma was coming over so as soon as she got there, I sang it to her and we ran with it. 

How have you started Music ? What gave you the will / motivation to keep on going? 

I started singing in church and school choirs. I had a handful of amazing music educators who really encouraged me. After high school, it was never a question for me of if I wanted to study music; it was just finding where. That “where” was Belmont University. My will and motivation comes mainly from my parents, siblings, and friends. They’ve never let me give up on myself, and know I’m happiest when I’m performing and making music. 

Have you wanted to do something else instead of Making Music or Music was always Your First option ? 

I love to cook and seriously considered it as a career. I interned at an incredible restaurant in Chicago and loved being behind-the-scenes of a high-intensity kitchen. Cooking & music have a lot in common. There’s so much creativity involved in both, and they each require looking at basic elements and reconfiguring them to create a new form. At the end of the day, I just got more joy out of live performance/touring and writing/recording. 

Who Is your favorite Artist? 

Stevie Wonder. It’s pretty self-explanatory, but I’ll try and shortly sum up why. His voice and writing defines a whole era of art. His impact on modern music is undeniable and clear in Top 40 music after multiple decades. Lastly, his is reverence for love being at the forefront of his career is admirable. 

Use 3 Words To describe Yourself

Passionate, Spiritual, Silly

Where Do you see Yourself in 5 years ? 

I see myself doing a lot of what I’m doing now; using music as a way to connect with people and spark conversation about what it means to be human and to experience love.

What Would be a Great Accomplishment for you in your career? 

I spent 2 weeks in India last year teaching music to kids all over the country. That was an incredible experience for me, and to some day have a full-scale arts program for underprivileged kids would be a massive accomplishment. I believe it will happen! 

What Major Artist Do you want to Collab With?

I would love to write/duet with India Arie, Ryan Tedder, or Marc Broussard. Their voices are definition insane, their live performance energies are electric, and their writing abilities are unmatched. 

How Do You perceive the Music Industry Nowadays? What Would You Change In it? And What Wouldn’t you Change? 

I think there are great people in the music industry, but the nature of it has a tendency to making artists feel a sense of lack. I want to tell every artist that them being radically themselves is not only alright, but is necessary. I want every artist to remember that what they have and what they can do is more important than what they don’t have and can’t do. And that at the end of the day, if making music isn’t enjoyable and empowering to yourself and others, then it’s a waste of time. There’s only one Beyonce, only one Stevie, only one Steven Tyler. They’re already the best at being them, so why not be the best at being you? You never know what can happen. It may result in high visibility and millions of dollars, but if it doesn’t, at least you’re having fun with the one life you get. 

Name 3 Songs That You would call « Masterpieces Of All Time » 

1. Signed Sealed Delivered – Stevie Wonder
2. Brown Skin – India Arie.
3. September – Earth, Wind & Fire

Thank You David For your time. Definitely, "Alway Be You" is an Opus. And it's really a matter of time before the name "David Davis" gets prominent all around the world.