British Singer Indiana Unveiled Her Tremendous 10 tracks Album "Not Girlfriend Material"


"Papercut" is the title of the latest single from the British singer Indiana. The track is a wonderful blend of alternative music with an atmosphere both space and funky. The rock-ish voice of the young singer integrates genuinely and brilliantly into the musical mix. Indeed, through her vocal performance, we feel not only her charisma but also her deep emotions. It is clear that Indiana is a promising artist who will soon dominate the UK music scene.

Note that “Papercut” is only a single out of Indiana’s new Album “Not Girlfriend Material”. The album features, in total, 10 astounding songs. Also speaking about the album, Indiana says:

“It’s the record I always wanted to make - it represents me, not everybody else’s me.” 

In addition, the album is inspired by an important stage in the life of the young singer. In fact, Indiana has had to deal with changes in her life and so she decides to tell us about it in her lyrics. It must be said that it confides many experiences, starting from the moments of pains, joys, sexes and liberties. There are certainly interesting but quite explicit stories told behind them lyrics. So get your headphones or speakers and enjoy below.

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