KIDDO Joined DECCO on astounding Single " Drunk & I Miss You"


KIDDO is a remarkable artist, with a particularly intoxicating musical signature. She is definitely an artist who, through her vocal tone, makes the audience want to sing along with her. Indeed, with a musical style, slightly similar to the likes of Dua Lipa, for whom she had written before, KIDDO appears in our radar as a promising artists, not only because she has the appropriate profile of a superstar, but also because of her unique charisma. Moreover, her latest single "Drunk & I Miss You", in collaboration with DECCO is a true musical delight, really catchy. We really think that 2019 will be a fabulous year for this young singer of Scandinavian origin, since she already appears on the radar of several blogs, radios and even celebrities. This is definitely not a coincidence if, at this very moment, the young KIDDO is requested by several artists, either to write them a song, or to appear on their musical track.

In addition, we must mention the amazing work of the duo DECCO on the production of the track "Drunk & I miss you". The different instruments are arranged together with so much precision and delicacy, that it is hard not to like the track.

Beside, about the track KIDDO says:

“It's about a night out when you just lost someone you love so much, you are falling apart. You do everything you can to make the pain go away, escaping reality.

At the end of the night, you may fall, drunk-text, lose control and you forget what your mind tells you… but your heart always speaks very clear.” 

Stream “Drunk And I Miss You” below,

By the way, a tremendous Lyric video accompanied the song and you can now view it below.


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