Top 5 Tracks With Potential To Become Hit Songs.

Nowadays, it’s becoming easier to discover artists with the potential to become great stars. However, in music industry, to assert yourself as a star, it‘s imperative to have at least some hit songs. That's why we decided to introduce you to some little-known songs that have the potential to be popular worldwide.


Kyan Palmer - Pretend That You Love Me

Kyan Palmer is a rising pop singer, with huge potential to establish himself in the music world as a big pop star. His last musical title “pretend that you love Me” is a beautiful musical arrangement, with several summer flavors, and a captivating rhythm. Indeed, the track itself, is reminiscent of something that Maroon 5 could orchestrate, because the entire composition is absolutely catchy. What do you think?

J Elle - Take Me Away

"Take Me Away" is the latest single from the British artist J Elle. Reinforced by a dancehall rhythm and an R & B atmosphere, the track is definitely a delight for the tympanum, especially with the delightful vocal performance of the young artist from London. Indeed, "Take Me Away" is the type of song that the new generation is raving about. So that's why this type of vibe is playing more and more everywhere in clubs. In addition, once the track was released, Spotify immediately decided to add it to its "Fresh Finds" playlist. About the song, J Elle Has to say:

‘Take Me Away’ is about finding the right person, becoming infatuated by them, and just wanting to get away with them. No distractions, just the two of you. Being on a beach is where I'm happiest, and that’s the image I had in mind when writing the song. It’s inspired by my own relationship”

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Through the success of the song "Boo'd up" by Ella Mai, we noticed that listeners are looking more and more for this kind of souful vibe. It is in this perspective that we introduce "Wings" of Flores, which is a marvel that relaxes and plunges into a wonderful trance. The track itself is both sexy and relaxing, especially with Flores' soft, smooth voice. You will have the impression of falling in love for the first, listening to this wonderful masterpiece. This is indeed the type of song, which is requested during the fall season, since the vibe matches the landscape of the season. What do you think?

Jeremy Zucker - Comethru

Both soft and consistent, Jeremy Zucker's "Comethru" track is a marvel that will make you melt inside. Indeed, it is not just the impeccable vocal performance Jeremy delivers, it is also the intoxicating chords of guitar and piano that accompany his voice, which make the charm of the entire composition. This kind of track always ends up being noticed by a large number of Internet users. The proof is that the track already totals about 1.5 million views on Youtube, and 7 million streams on Spotify. And it's only a matter of time before it reaches one billion. What do you think?

ROYAL - Vessel

Through her vocal performance on her new track "Vessel", the young Canadian ROYAL demonstrates immense potential. Indeed, the composition is full of consistent flavors that give the track an unequal charisma. In other words, "Vessel", is a track not to be underestimated, because like the song "Hello" of Adele, the track has all it takes to be a hit song. Not only is the chorus catchy, but also, the atmosphere is adequate for both, relaxing and chilling with friends. I think with the coming winter season a lot of people will be more likely to listen to these kinds of songs. What do you think?


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