Discoveries: Janvier 2019.

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Discoveries | Janvier 2019

We’re starting 2019 with plenty of discoveries in all genre of Music. Many artists have revealed tremendous work that we think will potentially suit your taste. View below.

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Fabian Second — My Pain Locked Away

« My Pain Locked Away » is a very emotional composition offered by rising London Hip hop artist Fabian Second. Indeed, usually known for his raucous and upbeat hip hop tendencies, it’s a very pleasant surprise to hear this fragile and heart melting side of Fabian’s musical creativity. It demonstrate that the young rapper has a lot to offer when it comes to versatility. The track is infused with catchy piano notes in which are imbued Fabian polished and melodious vocals. Besides, the orchestration is actually inspired by the young rapper’s personal struggle. He explains:

 “People often don’t like talking or being open about their struggles, which is where ’My Pain Locked Away’ came from. Just because a person may appear OK from the outside, it doesn’t mean that they are. You never know what someone may be going through internally.”


Lemonface x James Watss — Dance With You

Do you like to dance? If so, « Dance With You » is the adequate song to people who like to enjoy themself on the dance floor. The track, orchestrated by Producer Lemonface, features Amsterdam Rising Singer James Watss. Indeed, the structure is simple, yet the texture oozes a lot of flavors. Listening to the single you get filled with colorful emotions that gives you the envy to lose yourself on the dance floor. It must be noted that James vocals performance magically suits Lemonface production. Moreover, the catchy melodies ease the absorption of the vibe. In other words, « Dance With You » is the type of song that anybody could easily remember and sing along with the artist in a live performance. You could definitely get a glance below.


Simen Mitlid — Saturdays

Simen Mitlid envelops us with a tender heart-melting composition entitled Saturdays. The track is a cozy blend of indie-folk music infused with gentle and pampering vocals. On perspective of deconstruction, « Saturdays » was self-produced and recorded by the young singer-songwriter, in his hometown and it’ll be featured as well in his upcoming album. Stream below.


Trevor Ohlsen — Crazy In Love

Through melodious guitar notes and a breathy heart-melting vocal performance, Trevor Ohlsen immerses us in a musical bath of emotions entitled « Crazy In Love ». The track is a well polished acoustic composition infused with poetic rimes unveiling the fact that Trevor is passionately in love. Indeed, I strongly think that this track is the genre of music that easily gets repeatedly played on radios. 


Møme x Goldwash x Ricky Ducati — Moment II (Live Session)

French Producer Møme gives us a glance of his latest EP project entitled « Moment II », in a live video session starring two tremendous performers Goldwash and Ricky Ducati. The video is filmed on the roof of a building, in downtown Los Angeles, and the vibe is loaded with flavors and punch. The first track performed entitled « Sunday » featuring LA singer Goldwash is a cheerful and rhythmical blend of House music infused with hints of electronic sonorities. The second single entitled « Sail Away » is a polished, smooth House atmosphere filled with catchy synth, and the colorful vocals of Monaco singer Ricky Ducati. 

Note that both single together totalize more than 4 million on Spotify. Watch Below. 


Gabe Lopez — Karma Kamikaze

Gabe Lopez is an artist that we recently discover and we really a fan of his work. One track in particular drawn our attention. Entitled « Karma Kamikaze », the musical piece is a very polished blend of alternative Rock and Indie pop. The track is infused with a very energetic drum set and some catchy melodies. Included in his latest album « God Bless The Queen » — in which are listed 13 tracks — the song could definitely be a breakout for this young American Singer, not only because it’s catchy but also because it oozes a very charismatic energy that reminds of the Beatles. Stream it below and leave an opinion. 


Chevalien — Bleu, Blanc, Blood

French Rapper Chevalien shares his perspective of the on-going insurrectional climate in France through an upbeat, raucous and swanky rap single entitled « Bleu, Blanc, Blood ». As you may have noticed, the title by itself refers to the French flag which is made of three colors: Blue, white and red. Moreover, despite his origins, the young rapper Chevalien explores English lyrics well infused with some rhythmical old school beat. There is also a certain hint of emo vibe coming out of the track, which gives a creative side to the whole composition.

Indeed, the track is enhanced with explicit visuals showing a quite violent riot happening in France. Stream Below.