Discoveries: February 2019.


Discoverie: Feb 2019

February was loaded with Good Music and it’s a pleasure to share them with you. Below, you’ll get the chance to discover many variety of Music. View Below.

Flawes - Don’t Count Me Out

It’s the start of a new Era for British alt-pop trio Flawes, with the release of their 7th single « Don’t Count Me Out ». The track captures the trio's Fresh, entrancing sounds and the lyrics reflects self-belief and perseverance. Nobody likes to be « Brushed Aside » or left behind. As human being we want to be part of something and contribute at our best. And that's the message that Flawes wants to express in the single. Stream below.

CLMD - Trouble (Adrien Rux Remix)

CLMD’s single entitled Trouble has a very interesting remix orchestrated by young Spanish producer Adrien Rux, whose work navigates from dark waves to colorful atmosphere. It’s impressive the way he infuses different feelings in his craft. Indeed, the 20 year old producer has been sought to produce or remix tracks for a lot of Major Dance Music Artists in the industry. His sound has graced labels like SIZE Records, Bibliothèque Records and Code Red Music.


Sophia Danai - Daughter

Sophia Dania Has a lot to say in her single « Daughter » and she made sure that the message she is passing on, is full of flavors. Indeed, the track is an energetic composition, infused with emotion, portraying a self-reflection on the contribution to the next generation. In other words, the lessons we learnt from our though times must be pass on to the next generation, so they don’t repeat the mistakes we’ve made. Moreover, the song marks the 4th single release from her upcoming EP Real Lies. 


Brian Walker - Call Me

« Call Me » is the new single offered by young singer/songwriter Brian Walker. Indeed, infused with groove and catchy hooks, the track reflects a modern pop/R&B vibe blended with electronic sonorities. The structure is simple but definitely interesting. Also, Brian explained that the story behind the song is based a his personal experience. Stream below