Lil pump With a New Extravagant Music Video For his new Pump Up Track "Esskeetit"


Lil pump is known for being extravagant when it comes to release a music video. Note that each time, Lil Pump, arrives on the scene in a beautiful car. Last time it was in a beautiful convertible porch that he made his appearance in the clip of "Gucci gang". This time, he entered the scene in a Rolls Royce, followed by a truck full of cash. He gets out of his car and walks like a real boss to his truck loaded of cash. Then we see him in a scene wearing a pink sweater, like a pimp in search of narcissism. Of course, that scene needed a touch of snow to strengthen the atmosphere. Indeed, all this staged wouldn't have been possible without the vision of artistic director Ben Griffin. 

Watch the video below and let us know what you think.